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‘Doraemon’, a cat-type robot from the 22nd century, travels back in time to help clueless schoolboy ‘Nobi Nobita’ using his futuristic gadgets. Funnily enough, they end up in even deeper trouble!

Doraemon first appeared in a magazine series in 1970, and animated film, Doraemon The
Movie: Nobita’s Dinosaur made a sensational debut in Japan in 1980. From there on, Doraemon movies have been released almost annually. The TV series has aired for more than 30 years over which ‘Doraemon’ has become one of the most beloved characters in the world

Author Fujiko F. Fujio admits that he used to be like ‘Nobita’, and based the character on himself as a child. He has created various other titles since 1951, including well-known series such as Perman, Kiteretu Dai Hyakka, Obake no Q-chan

Born Doraemon on 3rd September 2112

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