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Work begins on a brand new wax figure of Prince Harry!

In celebration of his 30th birthday, we can reveal that we're creating a new wax figure of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, which will be unveiled to mark the special occasion in September. The new figure will replace the present likeness of Prince Harry, which was first featured at the attraction in 2006, and will portray the much-loved young Royal, in a relaxed pose dressed in his army combat fatigues.

"Our Royal figures are amongst the most popular here at Madame Tussauds London," commented our PR Manager, Nicole Fenner. She continued: "Since he was first portrayed in his very early twenties Prince Harry has changed quite a lot, and his 30th birthday seemed the perfect time to create a brand new figure with a brand new look. We know our guests will be delighted to get up close to the Prince, dressed as he has so often been pictured, in his fatigues, relaxed, informal and very much at ease."

Our new figure will swap a blue dress suit for a style more reflective of the Prince's recent career as an Apache Helicopter Pilot and his status as Captain Harry Wales of 3 Regiment Army Air Corps. Donated by the Army Air Corps, his figure will be dressed in standard lightweight combat dress, including a pilot’s fire retardant, multi terrain, pattern field jacket – featuring Prince Harry’s former tactical recognition flash - and trousers with plain green field belt, plus khaki tee shirt and desert boots.

We have a long-standing relationship with the Royal Family, dating back to William IV, who was the Monarch when Madame Tussaud herself first opened the attraction in 1835. Her Majesty the Queen has been modelled over 20 times and has given our studio team six personal sittings over the years.

The new figure will be unveiled in our Royal area in September, where it will be in the familiar company of the Prince’s father and stepmother, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, as well as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Her Majesty the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

The figure will cost £150,000 to create and our dedicated team of sculptors and hair and colour artists will work for four months to achieve the amazingly accurate likeness.

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Prince Harry's new figure will be in the familiar company of Her Majesty the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, as well as the Prince’s father and stepmother, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.