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Gospel choir welcomes Whitney Houston’s stunning wax figure!

Today we paid a special tribute to internationally renowned music icon, Whitney Houston, as a 30-strong gospel choir welcomed her stunning wax figure, which is visiting from Madame Tussauds New York.

The figure is inspired by the singer’s 2009 ‘I Look to You’ comeback album and portrays her smiling broadly with her arms gently outstretched. It was created, along with three others, to celebrate Houston's life and career. All four figures were unveiled in New York earlier this year by members of the Houston family, including her mother, Gospel Singer, Cissy. This is the first time any of the figures have been seen outside the USA.

"Whitney is a personal hero of mine so to get to stand alongside her and sing was a slightly surreal but awesome experience."

“We are very excited to be welcoming Whitney Houston on to our London music stage for the next eight weeks,” commented our PR Manager, Nicole Fenner. “This is a very special figure as it was created after Whitney’s very sad and untimely death with the close co-operation of her family who were delighted by the results. It is the first time the figure has been seen outside of the US and we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. Whitney came from a powerful musical pedigree with strong gospel roots, so it seemed appropriate to pay tribute with some soulful gospel music," Nicole added.

"Whitney Houston is one of the most talented singers of her - or any - generation and we were delighted to help welcome her wax figure to London," Colin Vassell, Artistic Director of London Gospel Factory Choir. "She is a personal hero of mine so to get to stand alongside her and sing was a slightly surreal but awesome experience. We chose a song she performed in the film ‘The Preachers Wife’ because it is so uplifting and great fun to perform. We hope we did her justice."

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