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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, the colourful and famously forthright Mayor of London resides in the World Stage area which is home to a varied cast of politicians and statesmen from past and present. Johnson will become the first UK politician to gain entry into the famous attraction since his predecessor; Ken Livingstone was created in 2000.

The Mayor, who revealed himself on 5th May, is attired in a donated navy suit with a matching navy shirt and tie; great care and attention was also given to recreating the Mayor’s distinctive and abundant blonde hair.

1964: Born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson
1987: Joined The Daily Telegraph
1994: Became Assistant Editor of The Daily Telegraph
1999: Appointed Editor of The Spectator
2001: Elected to the House of Commons
2004: Served as the Conservative front bench as the Shadow Minister for the Arts
2007: Appointed Shadow Minister for Higher Education
2007: Selected as the Conservative candidate for London Mayor
2008: Elected Mayor of London

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