Madame Tussauds - London

Spirit of London Taxi Ride

Hop into one of London's infamous black cabs and take a journey through the capital's history. From the comfort of your taxi, witness the historical and cultural events that have shaped London into one of the greatest cities in the world.

First, travel through Tudor London, to the sound of pipes and minstrels before moving into a darker age, where London's streets are haunted by the plague! In the distance flames are spreading from the King's bakery, it's the Great Fire of London! Burning mile after mile, the plague dies in the flames.

Then, hear the masons work around you on the infamous St Paul's Cathedral, before immersing yourself in the heart of a massive empire. Queen Victoria sits on her throne, with the wheels of a revolutionary industry turning behind her. Another London character comes into view, it's Nelson on his column! Come face-to-face with this life-size recreation of the famous statue!

Next, the city is at war and the bombs of the Blitz rain down. All is not lost, however, as you roll into the bright lights of the 1960s where mini-skirted figures dance around a zebra crossing against a psychedelic backdrop!

Finally, move into the 1980s and beyond... the sights, the sounds, the colours, and the joy of The Spirit of London!

Ride Restrictions

  • Anyone under the height of 1.2m must be accompanied by an adult
  • Maximum per taxi of:
    - 2 adults
    - 2 children over 1.2m
    - 1 adult & 2 children under 1.2m
    - 2 adults & 1 child under 1.2m
  • Pregnant women – see a member of staff on the day for instructions on how to sit safely
  • Guests must remain seated during the ride
  • Accessibility – see a member of staff on the day for advice on boarding

Spirit of London ride at Madame Tussauds

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