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Food and Drink

Can I take food and drink into Madame Tussauds Shanghai?
No, eating and drinking are not permitted at Madame Tussauds Shanghai.

Where can I buy food and drink in Madame Tussauds Shanghai?
Retail Area, which is located at the exit of the attraction.

Getting to Madame Tussauds Shanghai

What’s the nearest tube station?
The nearest tube station is People's Square Station. You can get to People’s Square Station by Metro Line 1, Line 2 and Line 8.

Are there any drop-off points close by to Madame Tussauds?
There are a lot of bus-routes pass by the People's Square. 18, 20, 37, 46, 167, 518, 537, 930, 952 etc.

Where's the nearest car park?
The nearest car park is the car park on Nanjing Road(W), which is just 1 minute from Madame Tussauds Shanghai.

Visiting Madame Tussauds Shanghai

How long can I normally expect a visit to last?
It takes around 2 hours to complete a visit of Madame Tussauds Shanghai, including SCREAM.

Is there anywhere to leave bags?
Due to security reasons, guests are not permitted to leave any bags or luggage at Madame Tussauds Shanghai.

Can I take a pet in to Madame Tussauds Shanghai?
No animals or pets are permitted into Madame Tussauds. However, we do permit seeing eye dogs, guide dogs and hearing eye dogs.

How long can I expect to queue to get into Madame Tussauds Shanghai?
The queue for Madame Tussauds during peak season should take approximately 10 mins.

Yes. At Madame Tussauds Shanghai you can get up, close and personal with celebrities, icons and historical leaders in a fully interactive experience.


SCREAM is recommended for individuals over the age of 12. As this is a very intense experience with live actors and flashing lights it is also not suitable for those with heart conditions and pregnant women.

How long does 'SCREAM!' take?
'SCREAM!' lasts for approximately 10 minutes.

Taking Photographs

Can I bring a camera?
Cameras are allowed in all areas of Madame Tussauds apart from SCREAM. If you are a camera crew and you require to film in our premises please contact our Marketing Department for further information (86-21-63587878*2204).

Are there official Madame Tussauds Shanghai Photographers?
Yes. There are photograph opportunities throughout Madame Tussauds to ensure you take home an everlasting with your favourite celebrity.

Can I buy photographs at Madame Tussauds Shanghai?
Yes. You can also purchase magnet, key rings, and glass cubes. Photograph collection points are located throughout the attraction.

Disabled Access

Can I bring a guide dog, eye or hearing dog to Madame Tussauds Shanghai?
We do permit seeing eye dogs, guide dogs and hearing eye dogs.

Can I use a wheelchair in to Madame Tussauds Shanghai?
Yes, Disabled guests can use a wheelchair in to Madame Tussauds Shanghai. And disabled guests also can borrow a wheelchair 10F ticket office.
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General Ticket Queries

Do you do a special rate for Seniors, child and students?
Seniors & child: 80RMB (seniors should be above 65, child should be below 1.2M)

Do you do a special rate for school visits?
Students group organized by schools can enjoy a special discount, and we also cooperate with travel agency which organizes students’ visits. For further information, please contact +86-21-63587878*2300.

How many people does a family ticket cover?
we offer two kinds of family package:
Family package A: Two adults + one child (with height below 1.2M) 260RMB
Family package B: One adults + one child (with height below 1.2M) 260RMB

Do you do a special rate for trade group?
Queries from travel agency please contact Sales Department: +86-21-63587878*2201

For trade group, where is the park?
The New World which is located on Nanjing road is a dropping-off point, touring bus can park at Shanghai Museum park and Construction Site on Xizang road and Beijing road.

How can trade groups go upstairs?
You can take any elevator in New world. Better choice is to take the elevator near the figure "Yao Ming" on the first floor.

Ticket Purchase Enquiries

What credit cards do you take as payment?
We accept Union Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB.

Can I pay by cheque?
We do accept company and school cheques made payable to "Madame Tussauds Shanghai" for advanced bookings only.