Fans Choose the President Of Presidents!

Play President Of Presidents Bracketology

Which President is the ultimate fan favorite?

With the 2012 presidential election fast approaching, U.S. voters will be making a decision between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. The notion of “every vote counts” got us thinking; what if we pit every U.S. President in history against each other in a bracket style format? Who would come out on top? Who would the people vote as the greatest President of all time? Thus, the “President of Presidents” challenge was born.

All October long, Fans of The Presidents Gallery by Madame Tussauds Facebook Page have the opportunity to vote on the one-on-one matchup’s everyday. Cast your vote, make a difference, and follow along as the field gets slowly widdled from 44 all the way down to one lone champion….The President of Presidents!

Will Bush Jr. defeat Bush Sr.? Can Abe Lincoln take down our first president George Washington? There can only be one winner. Who is history’s greatest president?

Vote for each matchup now on our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @dcwax with the hashtag #PresidentOfPresidents to see who’s winning. All October long we’ll announce each victory as it happens, along with a major announcement at the end of the tournament!