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Sylvie Meis

Full name : Sylvie Françoise Meis
Nicknames : Sylvie VdV
Date & Place of Birth : 13th April 1978, Breda
Known as : Model, actress and presenter
Private : In 2013, Rafael and Sylvie separated
Famous statement : “That’s something I have started doing much more of since my illness: living in the NOW.”
Did you know that…: Sylvie became the face of L’Oréal partly as a result of her short hairstyle?

Sylvie Meis started her career as a model, alongside her Personnel & Employment higher vocational education. She becomes a real celebrity as a VJ with the pop music television channel TMF. Sylvia is quite ambitious and decides to develop herself in all sorts of different areas, one example of which is her role in the 2003 television series Costa. The spark being Sylvie and footballer Rafael van der Vaart is ignited during this same period. They decide to get married in 2005 and move to Hamburg for Rafael’s work. The couple are often compared to David and Victoria Beckham. Just like Victoria, Sylvie has absolutely no intention of sitting back and taking it easy just because she is married to a successful footballer. She instantly picks up her modelling career again. Plus Sylvie becomes a hot favourite with the German public when she tries her hand at presenting television shows after the birth of their son Damián in 2006. She remains active in Germany even when Rafael’s football career takes them to Spain and subsequently to the UK.

One real low point in her life is the summer of 2009, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily they found it at an early stage and the treatment is a success.
She loses her beautiful longer hair, but this doesn’t stop her from continuing with her television work, albeit sporting a smart wig. Encouraged by her husband, she decides to make an appearance in public with a short hairdo after her chemo treatments. Her new look is loved by all. The fact that many people think she looks more intelligent too can only be seen as a bonus. She sees her short hair style as a true release, although she soberly admits it really hasn’t made her any smarter.
In 2013, Sylvie and Rafael separated.

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