Nicolas Cage at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

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Nicolas Cage

Full name: Nicholas Kim Coppola
Nickname: Nick
Born: January 7, 1964, Long Beach, USA
Known as: Movie actor
Personal: Married for the 3rd time, two sons
Memorable quote: “Maybe we can learn something from violence so that we can stop people from becoming violent.”

Nicolas Cage is an American movie star with a unique style. He has been called the jazz musician of acting because of his smoky eyes and slightly raspy voice. He decided early on to change his last name, being the nephew of a famous director, so that there would be no doubt as to the reason for his success. He became successful on his own terms. Long before he turned 40, he made a name for himself in Hollywood with movies like Birdy, Moonstruck and Wild at Heart. In 1995 he won an Oscar for his role in Leaving Las Vegas. Nicolas Cage chose to do a great many different performances, ranging from romantic movies to action thrillers. He was not afraid of comic or dramatic elements either. Since the start of this century, he has worked as a producer in addition to acting.

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