Marylin Monroe at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

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Marylin Monroe

Full name: Norma Jeane Baker
Born: June 1, 1926, Los Angeles, USA
Died: 5 August 5, 1962, Brentwood, USA
Known as: Movie star and sex symbol
Personal: Three times divorced
Memorable quote: “Men are all alike. Their faces are just different so you can tell them apart.”

Marilyn Monroe was known as one of the goddesses of the silver screen. The image of the actress in a billowing white summer dress standing over a subway grating (From The Seven Year Itch) is famous all over the world. Everyone knows her as the platinum blonde sex bomb. But during the 36 years of her life, she worked hard to build up a serious career in show business. She took acting and singing lessons, played in 30 movies, and had a lovely singing voice. Because of her untimely death, the many unanswered questions surrounding possible affairs with John and Robert Kennedy, and her complex personality, she became a legend. She was the inspirations for hundreds of painters and writers, and is still considered one of the sexiest women ever.

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