Queen Wilhelmina at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

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Queen Wilhelmina

Full name: Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria
Titles: Princess of Oranje-Nassau, Duchess of Mecklenburg, Queen of the Netherlands
Born: August 31, 1880, The Hague
Died: November 28, 1962, Apeldoorn
Known as: Queen
Personal: Married to Prince Hendrik, one daughter
Memorable quote: “In silence I called on God’s help in fulfilling this duty.”

Wilhelmina, grandmother of Queen Beatrix, was known as a tough and headstrong queen. She had a very difficult task in guiding the Netherlands through two World Wars. She was an only child growing up at court, surrounded by adults. Her forty dolls kept her company. Her father, King Willem III, died when Wilhelmina was just ten years old. Because she was too young to ascend the throne, her mother Emma was appointed regent. From that day on, the two ladies became the Dutch Royal Dynasty. As the law dictated, Wilhelmina was crowned Queen when she turned eighteen. She would remain so for 50 years. To date, she is the only queen to have published her life story. The title - "Lonely, but not Alone" - says it all.

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