Lady Gaga at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

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Lady Gaga

Full name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Born: 28th March 1986, New York
Known as: Pop Star
Personal: Lonely, as she describes herself in interviews
Memorable quote: “I have always been famous, that’s something which comes from within.”

Lady Gaga became an overnight pop sensation and style icon, leaving Madonna behind like a fading memory. Stefani, which is this American lady with Italian blood’s real name, writes her own songs and designs her own video clips.

But it’s her extravagant clothing style which makes her stand out in a crowd – the very thing which she used to get teased about at school. She sees herself as a piece of live art and allows herself to be inspired by artists like Andy Warhol. Marc Boland, David Bowie and the rock band Queen are her music idols.

Her stage name was purposely derived from Queen’s Radio GaGa hit. Even though Lady GaGa’s work resulted in a revival of the electro pop music from the nineteen nineties, it’s certainly not easy to pigeon-hole her style. This may well be why she appeals to a very wide audience.

The singer has broken all records since her debut album The Fame in 2008 and its successor The Fame Monster in 2009. She has won award after award with hit singles like Pokerface, Paparazzi, Telephone (with Beyoncé) and Alejandro. Bad romance was the first film on YouTube to attract 200 million viewers and she managed to knock Twitter Queen Britney Spears off her throne on Twitter. And all this thanks to her many fans, whom she lovingly refers to as little monsters; a nickname she has even had tattooed on her arm.

Lady Gaga added another record to her name in 2010, when Madame Tussauds unveiled eight different Lady GaGa figures in eight different locations on one day. So are you a real GaGa fan? Then make sure you pay a visit to Madame Tussauds in, for example, London, Las Vegas or Hollywood too!

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