Nick & Simon at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

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Nick & Simon

Nick’s full name: Nicolaas Maria Schilder
Date & Place of Birth: 6th November 1983, Volendam
Private: has a daughter (2011) and son (2012) together with his girlfriend Kirsten
Admires in Simon: his vocal range

Simon’s full name: Simon Nicolaas Keizer
Date & Place of Birth : 16th May 1984, Volendam
Private: married Annemarie Hoek in 2012
Admires in Nick: his musicality (although he can’t read a single note)
Known as : singing duo
Famous statement: “We are much too highly regarded for what we do.” (Nick)
Did you know that… Nick once ‘only’ came 11th during the 2nd Idols edition and that Simon formed part of Jan Smit’s backing vocals?

The Dutch public has become acquainted with singers Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer in their friend and singer Jan Smit’s real life soap. The lads, who were already classmates during their time at secondary school, managed to make a name for themselves in Volendam and the surrounding area with English cover versions of songs written by artists like Simon & Garfunkel.

Jaap Buijs, Jan Smit’s manager, instantly saw potential in the duo. He organised a record company and producers and was also instrumental in helping them find their own sound: Dutch ‘Folk Pop’. Their first single was released in 2006, entitled Steeds weer (Time and again), which resulted in their real breakthrough. The Nick & Simon debut album was well received too. Many hits, awards, reality soaps and television programmes were to follow! Highlights so far have included the hit single Rosanne in 2008, four number 1 hits and a sold out Ahoy in 2009, a coaching role in the hit television programme The Voice of Holland in 2010, a packed GelreDome on four different occasions with the Symphonica in Rosso concert series in 2011 and the 2012 liberation festivals, which they arrived at by helicopter. The Volendam singing duo has become the most booked act in the Netherlands.

Nick and Simon have appeared in various different television commercials, they have their own school diary, a comic strip in Tina and can regularly be seen on several different television channels simultaneously. And now they have their very own wax figures at Madame Tussauds too, thanks to a poll run by radio station 100% NL!

They certainly don’t need to feel lonely in between all the international stars, as they are also surrounded by good acquaintances like Jan Smit and Voice-colleagues Marco Borsato and Van Velzen…

Who else?