Khan Kluay


Khan Kluay

Khan Kluay (2006) is the story of a young elephant whose insatiable curiosity takes him on a search for his missing father. He begins a series of great adventures which lead to his life as a great warrior elephant who saves the Thai kingdom. The film
incorporates some important parts of Thai history

Kantana Animation Studios began production on the 95 minute film in 2004, working
with Director Kompin Kemgumnird and Author Ariya Jintapanichkarn

Khan Kluay set huge box office records in the Thai animation feature film category. It received the Best Full Length Film award at the international film festival, Animadrid 2006 in Spain, Anima Mundi 2006 in Brazil. In addition is has won, it has been shown
at many other international film festivals

Khan Kluay was produced in 2006 by Kantana Animation Studios, Thailand

Khan Kluay

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Khan Kluay


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