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Benny Hill

Be part of Benny Hill’s running gag!

The English actor, comedian and legend was most notable for his long-running television programme “The Benny Hill Show”. Did you know that even Charlie Chaplin was a big fan of Benny? He found that out when he was invited to Chaplin’s home in Switzerland and discovered a collection of his own work on video. Benny Hill also starred in films like Who Done It?, The Italian Job, Transistor Radio and Harvest of Love. Why don’t you join Benny Hill for the chase?

1924: Born Alfred Hawthorne Hill in Southampton, Hampshire, England
1956: Filmed Who Done It?
1961: Filmed Transistor Radio
1962 – 1963: Sitcom Benny Hill
1969: Starred in The Italian Job
1951 – 1989: The Benny Hill Show
1992: Passed Away on 20th April

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