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Bet Gilroy PNG

Bet Lynch

Pull a pint with Corrie star

Julie Goodyear MBE as Bet Lynch

“I've got tights older than you love”

Street History

23 May 1966: Bet's first appearance on Corrie working at Elliston's PVC factory
1970: Started working at the Rover's Return
1975: Had an affair with Len Fairclough
1976: Moved in with Mike Baldwin as his 'housekeeper'
1980: Bet stole lorry driver Dan Johnson from Elsie Tanner
1982 She was talked into an affair by Jack Duckworth
1985: She was appointed as Manageress of the Rover's Return
1986: Bet nearly dies in a fire that gutted the Rover's. She was saved by Kevin Webster
1987: Bet became landlady of the Rover's with the help of Alec Gilroy
1988: A shock discover she was pregnant, but miscarried
1992: Alec moved to Southampton, but Bet remains behind realising that The Rovers was her whole life
1995: Newton & Ridley look to sell The Rovers, upset that no friends & family would help her with the finances, she left the pub, the street, and the people who had been virtually her entire world for nearly 30 years.
2002: Made a brief return to Weatherfield for Betty's Retirement Party
2003: During a Blackpool-based special Bet crosses paths Liz McDonald and their relationship troubles lead the pair to move to Brighton together

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