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Jack Duckworth

One of the best-known couples in television history, Coronation Street’s Jack and Vera Duckworth have been immortalised in wax by Madame Tussauds. The famously fiery couple have been chosen by guests visiting the world famous attraction as their favourites to join other legendary characters on the custom-built Rovers Return set.

Among the most-loved of all Britain’s TV characters, Jack and Vera were no strangers to Blackpool. In fact, when they weren’t in the middle of an argument, they often talked on the Corrie cobbles about retiring to the seaside resort.

So it feels justifiably fitting that they should join other characters in the fully licensed Rovers Return set, which already includes fellow legends Ken and Deirdre Barlow, Hilda Ogden and Bet Lynch.

1979: Jack Duckworth makes his first appearance alongside Vera, attending the wedding of Brian Tilsley to Gail Potter
1982: Jack has a fling with barmaid Bet Lynch
1983: Jack and Vera Duckworth move to the Street
1983: Jack gets himself in deep water with Vera when he signs up to a video dating agency and Vera finds out
1985: The Duckworths' son Terry begins dating Andrea Clayton causing a feud between the two families
1992: Terry is imprisoned for GBH and his wife Lisa gives birth to the Duckworths' grandson Tommy
1993: After Lisa is killed by a car, Tommy is cared for by Jack and Vera, but when Terry is released from prison he sells custody of the child to Lisa’s parents
2000: Vera informs Jack she had an affair early in their relationship and that their son, Terry, may not be his, but this is disproven
2007: The Duckworths celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary
2008: Jack's beloved wife Vera dies
2009: Jack meets Connie Rathbone a widow and fellow pigeon enthusiast
2010: Jack passes away in his chair at No.9 and is joined in ghost-form by his wife Vera

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