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Vera Duckworth

One of the best-known couples in television history, Coronation Street’s Jack and Vera Duckworth have been immortalised in wax by Madame Tussauds.

Both Liz Dawn (Vera) and the family of the late Bill Tarmey (Jack) were closely consulted during the figure-making process, culminating in a private final viewing where they were able to see the figures and pour over every detail. Liz Dawn said: “I can’t believe how well they’ve captured the tiniest details – it really is like looking into a Vera-shaped mirror. It’s lovely to know that a character I’ve played for so long has had such an effect on the nation that she’s been immortalised like this – if only they could have done it when I was 20!”

1974: Vera Duckworth first appears working in the Mark Brittain Mail Order Warehouse
1976: After a warehouse fire Vera begins working at Baldwin's Casuals
1983: Moves into 9 Coronation Street
1983: Vera spots Jack at a video dating agency and decides to catch him in the act by posing as another woman
1985: The Duckworths' son Terry begins dating Andrea Clayton causing a feud between the two families
1992: Terry is imprisoned for GBH and his wife Lisa gives birth to the Duckworths' grandson Tommy
1993: After Lisa is killed by a car, Tommy is cared for by Jack and Vera, but when Terry is released from prison he sells custody of the child to Lisa’s parents
1995: The Duckworths inherit money upon Jack’s brother’s death and buy the Rovers Return
1999: Jack and Vera move into Eunice Gee’s B&B and take over as managers when Eunice moves to Spain
2000: Vera undergoes life-threatening surgery to donate a kidney to her grandson Paul Clayton
2007: The Duckworths celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary
2007: Vera retires after a stint working in Roy’s Rolls Café
2008: Vera dies, leaving Jack a widower
2010: Vera makes a special appearance, in ghost-form, as Jack passes away

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Jack and Vera Duckworth in the Rovers Return Elizabeth Dawn meeting the Jack and Vera Duckworth wax figures at Madame Tussauds Blackpool

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