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Hilda Ogden

Relive classic scenes with Corrie legend

"You know what your trouble is, Stan? You're lax - lax from the neck up and relax from the neck down" (to beloved husband Stan Ogden)

• Much-loved Actress Jean Alexander played Hilda Alice Ogden (née Crabtree), one of Coronation Street's most popular characters of all time. She first appeared on the Street in 1964

• In 2005 a TV Times poll declared Jean the 'Greatest Soap Opera Star of All Time'!

• Hilda was the archetypal busy-body, keeping a close eye on what went on in the Street so she could gossip about it to everyone else

• She and husband Stan were a dismally unlucky couple, always beset by financial woe. Hilda worked as a charwoman, cleaning the Rovers Return pub while Stan cleaned windows

• Jean made her last appearance as Hilda Ogden on Christmas Day 1987. She sang “Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye”. The episode was watched by around 26 million people – one of the largest audiences in TV history

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