Marvel’s Iron Man and Wolverine Unveiled at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

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Marvel’s Iron Man and Wolverine Unveiled at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Iron Man and Wolverine to be featured at the new and expanded zone – Fantasy Kingdom

HONG KONG (May 14, 2013) Welcoming the Marvel Month of May celebrations across Madame Tussauds, the figures of Marvel’s Iron Man and Wolverine were unveiled today at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. This also marks the very first project in the lead up to the soon-to-launch Fantasy Kingdom, a result of a large scale expansion by the attraction this summer set to take the hearts of many ‘kidults’ throughout Hong Kong. Acclaimed Actor Bosco Wong also joined in the celebration and was the first to meet the two heroes up close.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong joins five other attractions worldwide in launching a host of Marvel Super Heroes, making it a truly a Marvel Month May for Madame Tussauds across the globe. Locations include London, Blackpool, New York, Las Vegas and Bangkok.

First debuting in comic pages in 1963, the iconic Iron Man is a self made Super Hero and a founding member of The Avengers. Since the theatrical release of Marvel's Iron Man in 2008, the Armored Avenger has gone on to become one of the most popular characters in the world. The figure is set to join the Super Hero line-up at the attraction, donning his signature red and gold armored suit, as seen in Marvel's Iron Man 2.

Wolverine’s iconic razor sharp claws, ability to heal from any wound, and rough and tough attitude has made him a fan favorite Marvel character since debuting in comic pages nearly 40 years ago. Portrayed by Hugh Jackman in the X-Men series produced by Fox Films, the life-size wax figure is so authentic even the legendary claws look real.

“We’ve received great response from our fans since launching the very first Marvel Super Hero Spider-Man, in our attraction two years ago. Seeing the continuing excitement and success surrounding Marvel, we knew it was time to bring more of these iconic Super Heroes to our attraction. These two figures will soon reside in the new Fantasy Kingdom once it is unveiled later this year, inviting our guests to meet an abundance of fresh, much loved pop culture characters,” says Kelly Mak, General Manager of Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.

Joining the celebration was acclaimed actor Bosco Wong, “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Super Hero films but I never imagined that I could get this close to them in real life. I’m thrilled to be able to get a sneak preview of them. The super heroes have very unique charisma and power; the wax figures have completely captured this essence. I really look forward to the opening of the Fantasy Kingdom with more super heroes to come!”

Both Iron Man and Wolverine will be featured at the attraction’s Hong Kong Glamour zone temporarily before residing permanently at the new Fantasy Kingdom zone later in the year.

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