Louis Koo's Wax Figure Exhibition Area

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Louis Koo

"As an actor, there is no distinction between different types of movies. All I want is to give a vivid portrayal of every character, and keep every audience satisfied."

Louis Koo signed with TVB in 1993, where his showbiz career began. He became a notable TV drama series actor and was twice honoured with TVB's Annual Best Actor Award for "Criminal Investigation Files IV” in 1999 and "Step Into The Past" in 2001 respectively.

Well known for his image of getting an extreme tan, his distinctive style has captivated audiences of all ages. He was given the Most Stylish Personality Award and Men of Power in 2001. In 2008, he was among the top 10 winners of the 20th Most Outstanding Dressed Awards.

Louis has focused on film in recent years, and has become one of the most famous actors in the Hong Kong film industry. With his performance in Election 2, he received international acclaim during the 2006 Cannes Film Festival and later won the award for Most Beloved Actor in the UA Film Awards 2006.

Born Koo Tin Lok on October 21, 1970 in Hong Kong

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