Simon Cowell's wax figure at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas


Simon Cowell

Tell the worlds favorite TV meanie exactly what you think of him!

From A+R man to international TV legend, Cowell has smashed the dreams of millions yet he still knows a star when he sees one. The brains behind X Factor and American Idol is known for his bluntness and the often controversial criticisms, insults, and wisecracks he makes about contestants and their singing abilities - or lack of them.

  • 1959: Born in Brighton, East Sussex
  • 1981: Finds work at independent record label, Fanfare Records
  • 1986: Has first hit with Sinitta’s So Macho (with Stock Aitkin and Waterman)
  • 1989: Becomes A+R consultant for BMG
  • 1998: Signs Westlife
  • 2001: Launches Pop Idol in the UK
  • 2002: Launches American Idol in the US
  • 2004: Launches X Factor
  • 2006: Launches America’s Got Talent
  • 2007: Judges Britain’s Got Talent
  • 2010: Final season on American Idol

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