Madame Tussauds pays tribute to the King of Pop with new a figure of Michael Jackson

King of Pop: Michael Jackson

A brand new figure of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was revealed this morning, 9th July 2009. Depicted in the classic performance pose of his 'This is It' tour poster – arms outstretched, pelvis thrusting forward, on tip toes with his trade-mark fedora pushed forward – the figure is a celebration of his extraordinary career.

We created the new figure to mark Jackson’s return to the stage and decided to proceed as planned in tribute to the icon. ‘As the response to his tragic death has shown, Michael Jackson was one of the most powerful forces in contemporary music and culture and he has remained one of the most popular personalities at Madame Tussauds throughout his career,’ said PR Manager, Liz Edwards. ‘We enjoyed a very special relationship with Michael and this is the 13th time we have portrayed him - a reflection of that popularity. It was always our intention to make this new figure a celebratory one, signalling his much anticipated return to the stage but also acknowledging all of his incredible achievements. We hope it will still be a celebration - and a tribute to one of the most innovative and influential entertainers the world has seen.’

Matt Blank, spokesperson for the World Michael Jackson Network said: 'The new wax figure will undoubtedly be very popular among the general public and fans alike. It is in this sad time that people need to share their grief, not just through tears but also through celebrating the life and legacy of the King of Pop.' He continued: 'This new figure is a great focus for those to enjoy everything about Michael Jackson, his career and the immense happiness he brought to millions all over the world.'

Jackson’s new figure was created using information gathered at a sitting the singer gave in 1989, together with extensive photography and research to reflect the ‘This is It’ image. Dressed in trade mark black Fedora, white v-neck t-shirt, sparkly black jacket, white glove, black ankle length trousers, white socks and black loafers, the figure will be situated in a dedicated area in the Music Zone which will also feature some archive materials depicting the long relationship between the singer and the attraction.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson