Albert Einstein's wax figure at Madame Tussauds London

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Albert Einstein

Take an IQ test with the world’s favourite mad professor.

The most recognised scientist in history and the man Time Magazine voted Person of the Century in 1999, Einstein is more than just the brains behind e=mc2. His achievements have surpassed those of Galileo, Newton and Darwin and his name has become synonymous with genius.

1879: Born in Ulm, Germany
1891: Masters Euclidean geometry, aged 12
1894: Writes The Investigation of the state of Aether in Magnetic Fields aged 15
1900: Graduates in physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich
1902: Finds work as an examiner at the patent office in Berne
1905: Publishes his theory of relativity in Annalen der Physik
1906: Promoted to Technical Examiner Second Class at the Patent Office
1911: Becomes an associate professor at the University of Zurich
1912: Becomes a professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
1919: The Theory of Relativity is described as ‘the greatest scientific discovery ever made’
1921: Awarded the Nobel Prize for physics
1951: Sticks his tongue out to press photographers at his 72nd birthday party
1955: Dies in Princeton, New Jersey

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