Charles Dicken's wax figure at Madame Tussauds London

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Charles Dickens

The greatest English novelist of the Victorian era, Dickens was also a vigorous social campaigner. With his rich storytelling and his ability to create powerful and memorable characters, he is one of the English language's greatest writers. Happily, Dickens achieved massive worldwide popularity in his lifetime and not one of his short stories or novels has ever been out of print.

1812: Born in Portsmouth, England
1824: Dickens’ father is imprisoned for bad debts
Dickens begins working 10 hours a day at a boot polish factory
1827: Finds work as a legal clerk
1834: Becomes a journalist for the Morning Chronicle
1836: The Pickwick Papers appears in serial form
Marries Catherine Hogarth
1837-9: Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby appear in serial form
1843: Writes A Christmas Carol
1850: Finishes David Copperfield
1853: Finishes Bleak House
1859: Finishes A Tale of Two Cities
1853: Finishes Great Expectations
1870: Dies in London from a stroke.

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