Pablo Picassos wax figure at Madame Tussauds London

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Pablo Picasso

Create a work of art with the master of abstract painting

Painter, draughtsman and sculptor, Picasso was the founder of the Cubist movement and produced some of the most famous works of art of his generation. With paintings like Guernica and Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon, he has become one of the most recognized artists of the twentieth century.

1881: Born in Malaga, Spain
1895: Enrols at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts aged 13
1897: Enrols at The Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid aged 16
1901: Beginning of his Blue Period
1903: Paints The Old Guitarist
1904: Beginning of his Rose Period
1905: Paints Boy With a Pipe
1907: Beginning of African influenced period
Paints Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon
1909: Introduces Cubism
1937: Paints Guernica
1973: Dies in Mougins, France

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