Boris Johnson's wax figure at Madame Tussauds

Boris Johnson PNG

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, the colourful and famously forthright Mayor of London resides in the World Stage area which is home to a varied cast of politicians and statesmen from past and present. Johnson will become the first UK politician to gain entry into the famous attraction since his predecessor; Ken Livingstone was created in 2000.

The Mayor, who revealed himself on 5th May, is attired in a donated navy suit with a matching navy shirt and tie; great care and attention was also given to recreating the Mayor’s distinctive and abundant blonde hair.

1964: Born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson
1987: Joined The Daily Telegraph
1994: Became Assistant Editor of The Daily Telegraph
1999: Appointed Editor of The Spectator
2001: Elected to the House of Commons
2004: Served as the Conservative front bench as the Shadow Minister for the Arts
2007: Appointed Shadow Minister for Higher Education
2007: Selected as the Conservative candidate for London Mayor
2008: Elected Mayor of London

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