Ronald Reagan's wax figure at Madame Tussauds London

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Ronald Reagan

Meet America’s acting president

From Hollywood to the White House, Reagan brought his own brand of glitz and glamour to the Presidency. Surviving an assassination attempt, cutting taxes and ordering military action in Grenada, he was emphatically re-elected and was the last president of the Cold War era, famously describing the USSR as ‘The Evil Empire’.

1911: Born in Tampico, Illinois
1937: Signs to Warner Brothers
Stars in Love is on the Air
1947: Elected President of the Screen Actors’ Guild
1952: Marries Nancy Davis
1967: Becomes Governor of California
1981: Becomes 40th President of the United States
Assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr
1983: Refers to the USSR as ‘The Evil Empire’
US invades Grenada
1986: Iran Contra scandal
1989: End of Cold War
2004: Dies in California

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