Bruce Willis's wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York

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Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is a German-born American actor, producer and musician. His career began in television in the 1980s and has continued both in television and film since, including comedic, dramatic, and blockbuster action roles in over sixty films. On October 16, 2006, the Emmy and Golden Globe award winner was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On January 29th, 2013, Madame Tussauds New York unveiled a new wax figure of the action star in Times Square.

1955: Born Walter Bruce Willis in West Germany
1984: Willis headed to California and appeared in an episode of Miami Vice
1985: Starred in the TV series Moonlighting, establishing him as a comedic actor
1987: Major role in the film Blind Date with Kim Basinger
1988: Starred in Die Hard playing John McClane which propelled Willis as one of the top Hollywood action stars
1990: Starred in Die Hard 2: Die Harder and Die Hard with a Vengeance in 1995
1994: Willis had a supporting role in Pulp Fiction
1997: He played the leading role in The Fifth Element
1998: Bruce starred in Armageddon, the highest grossing film of the year worldwide
2000: Willis starts his own motion picture production company Cheyenne Enterprises
2000: Won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in hit television series Friends
2005: Worked with his daughter, Rumer, on the film Hostage
2007: Stars in the fourth installment of the Die Hard Series Live Free of Die Hard
2010: Appeared in the film The Expendables with Stallone and Schwarzenegger
2013: Wax figure unveiled at Madame Tussauds New York

Bruce Willis Wax Figure in Times Square

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