Charlie Chaplin's wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York

Charlie Chaplin PNG

Charlie Chaplin

Clown around with Charlie Chaplin

With his oversized trousers and shoes, his derby hat, cane and his toothbrush moustache, Charlie Chaplin thrilled audiences for over half a century. Known for his gift of slapstick and his endearing character, the Tramp, he remains one of the most famous and influential Hollywood stars of all time.

  • 16 April 1889: Charles Spencer Chaplin was born
  • 1897: Joined the Eight Lancashire Lads dance troupe
  • 1910: Toured America with the Karno Troupe
  • 1917: Built his own studios in Hollywood
  • 1921: Starred in The Kid
  • 1925: Starred in The Gold Rush
  • 1931: Starred in City Lights
  • 1936: Starred in Modern Times
  • 1940: Starred in his first talking movie, The Great Dictator
  • 1952: Won Best Original Music Oscar for Limelight
  • 1975: Received knighthood from The Queen of England
  • 1977: Died in Switzerland

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