Princess Diana's wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York

Princess Diana PNG

Princess Diana

Come face to face with the People's Princess

From her fairy tale romance with Prince Charles to her much publicised eating disorders and her untimely death in Paris, Diana was never out of the news. For many, she was a heroine who worked tirelessly with victims of both AIDS and landmines. When her life was cut short cruelly in 1997, the outpouring of national grief was on a scale never before witnessed in the United Kingdom.

  • 1961: Born in Norfolk, England
  • 1981: Married Prince Charles
  • 1982: Birth of Prince William
  • 1984: Birth of Prince Harry
  • 1992: Separated from Prince Charles
  • 1995: Appeared on BBC’s Panorama and talked openly about her personal life
  • 1996: Divorced Prince Charles
  • 1997: Dated heart surgeon, Hasnet Khan. Died in Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris with Dodi Fayed
  • 2008: Inquest blamed unlawful death by dangerous driving and paparazzi harassment

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