John F. Kennedy's wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York

John F Kennedy PNG


Meet the youngest president in history

The blue-eyed boy of American politics, Kennedy steered America through the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis. He paved the way for the moon landings and Marilyn Monroe sang for him at his birthday.

When Kennedy was shot in 1963, the nation went into mourning. Though Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the crime, controversy remains about who shot JFK.

  • 1917: John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy was born
  • 1940: Graduated from Harvard University
  • 1941: Enlisted for military service
  • 1943: Won the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroic conduct after a Japanese attack
  • 1953: Elected Senator of Massachusetts. Married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier
  • 1961: Elected President of the USA, at age 43. Ordered the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba
  • 1962: Negotiated the removal of Soviet nuclear weapons in Cuba in the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • 1963: Assassinated in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald is charged with the murder. Jack Ruby shot Oswald before he could have been indicted or tried

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