Mark Beretta gets a make-over

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Mark Beretta gets a Madame Tussauds make-over!

Sunrise sport’s reporter Mark Beretta got made-over (or made-under) by our Madame Tussaud make-up artists, as part of Channel 7's social experiments.

Beretta hit Darling Harbour and the Sydney streets as an old man to investigate whether age affects how you are treated.

Madame Tussauds make-up artist Kitty Brennan quoted 'I used a technique called ‘old age stipple’ which basically means you stretch the face and apply a special latex based product to create and exaggerate wrinkles. I then used a special ‘Skin Illustrator’ ink palette to handpaint all the details – veins, capillaries, age spots etc. In much the same way we would paint the elderly wax figures. Lastly we added glasses and a lace-fronted human hair wig supplied by Kylie Clarke Wigmaking.'

Kitty also commented that Beretta 'Mark was the perfect model, he was very patient and kind throughout the process (which can be quite uncomfortable at times!). He really got into character, bringing the make up to life and managed to fool the general public who were more than happy to lend a hand and help him up stairs. He even fooled people he speaks to every morning in Martin Place!'

The Madame Tussauds studio team had great fun doing this stunt and would like to thank Mark Beretta for being a great sport!

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