Chen Kun's Wax Figure Made Its Debut in Shanghai –Chen Kun’s Wax Statue was Unveiled at Madame Tussauds Shanghai

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Chen Kun's Wax Figure Made Its Debut in Shanghai

(April 26 – Shanghai) Waving goodbye to the rainy March, we met the sunny April. Madame Tussauds Shanghai, located on the 10th floor of New World Emporium, No. 2-68, West Nanjing Road, Shanghai, welcomed a heavyweight guest, the renowned actor and famous singer Chen Kun, who won the Best Actor Award at the 30th People’s Hundred Flowers Awards. This time, Chen Kun visited Madame Tussauds Shanghai to unveil his wax figure that would add an extra brightness to the upcoming May.

Following the measurements at the end of last year and the half-year careful carving and cutting of sculptors, Chen Kun’s wax figure was finally met by the long-awaited fans. The wax carving was dressed in a white T-shirt with the logo of “Power to Go” and a black slim suit, fashionable and handsome. His confident and influential smile was fresh and natural, which made us forget his image as a “melancholic prince”. The wax effigy was so vivid that when Chen Kun was posing beside the figure, it was hard to distinguish the actor and his carving model.

Chen Kun is one of the most renowned and influential actors in China, who has captured the hearts of movie-going audiences of all ages with his excellent acting skills and won a good number of awards. In 2010, he won the Best Actor Award at the 30th People’s Hundred Flowers Awards for his performance in the Painted Skin. His roles in The Knot, The Founding of a Republic, and Let the Bullets Fly have earned high marks from professionals and movie fans. His new movie Painted Skin II will be soon released nationwide. Millions of fans are looking forward to seeing how the triangle love among the hero Huo Xin (acted by Chen Kun) and two heroines develops in the Painted Skin II.

Apart from his acting career, Chen Kun is also very enthusiastic in public affairs and charity. He has regularly appeared in major charity events as an “Ambassador of Love”. Not long ago, he was appointed by the United Nations Children's Fund as the third ambassador to protect children's rights in China. He expressed that he would speak for the children who were unable to speak. He has initiated the first large-scale public project “Power to Go” after setting up his own company. It aims to call on people to actively go out and get positive energy in walking, spread the energy to others, and let walking become a way of life. More surprisingly, Chen Kun published an autobiographical book this year, suddenly I walked to Tibet, which tells the story that Chen Kun altogether with the college students gets the positive energy by overcoming their physical limits and walking into Tibet. Since two months ago when the book was released, it has been reprinted twice with the sales of over 100,000 copies. Since then, Chen Kun has had one more identification as a best-selling author.

On this beautiful spring day, Yang Yong, General Manager of Madame Tussauds Shanghai, commented at the ceremony, “Madame Tussauds strives to give visitors an opportunity to see their idols while choosing the most outstanding persons from all walks of life to make the wax figures. Chen Kun with his optimistic image and positive social responsibility has won the favor of Chinese audiences. Today, we are honored to have Mr. Chen Kun here. Since he is civil-minded to promote the public welfare with his personal influence, his wax figure will undoubtedly become the most beautiful landscape in Madame Tussauds Shanghai in 2012.”

From the day on, Chen Kun’s wax figure dressed in black will meet the long-awaited fans at Madame Tussauds Shanghai. The handsome wax copy will present a real Chen Kun to you.