MTSH to Build Wax Figure of Yao Chen

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MTSH to Build Wax Figure of Yao Chen

(May 16, 2011 – Shanghai) Recently, Chinese famous actress Yao Chen received an invitation from Madame Tussauds Shanghai, thus opening the door of the two-century-old wax figure museum for her. Yao readily accepted the invitation and placed the plan on her agenda.

Yao Chen is currently one of the most famous and influential actresses in China. With a fresh and unaffected appearance and pleasant and easygoing personality, Yao is an advocator of the philosophy of living happily who enjoys great popularity among the people of all ages. Her rise to fame came with her role in the situation comedy My Own Swordsman. Later, Yao has won numerous awards including the Best Actress award at the 25th China TV Gold Eagle Award and the Best Actress title at the Huading Award 2010 for her wonderful performance in the TV serial Lurk. Last year, Yao Chen made her shining appearance on the big screen, winning the title of Best Actress of Mandarin love films at the Huading Award 2011 for her role in Love in Cosmo. Later she was considered by the media as an actress who would be most likely to become the new “Queen of New Year Blockbusters” after her leading role in three films, Ai Chu Se, You are the One II, and My Own Swordsman. Again, thanks to her appearances in Ai Chu Se and My Own Swordsman, Yao also won the most important award of the “Most Popular Actress among University Students” at the University Student Film Festival held in April, 2011.

Besides acting, Yao Chen also serves as the spokesperson of many international brands. This March, at the invitation of Chanel, Yao flew to Paris as its Chinese cooperator and a distinguished guest of Paris Fashion Week. Her unique beauty was highly extolled by foreign media. Even Karl Lagerfeld gave her a kiss three times to show his appreciation and fondness. In the world of cyberspace, Yao Chen is a Twitter Queen who ranks first in China and third in the world, even in front of US president Obama’s ranking. The outgoing and optimistic girl has finally earned the recognition from the public with her talent and strength. “With more power comes more responsibility”. Yao Chen, who had a strong “hero complex” at her early age, always keeps in mind her social responsibility as a public figure and engages herself in the social public welfare cause within her ability. In June 2010, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) officially engaged Yao as the spokesperson in China for her sincerity, devotedness and earnestness in the social public welfare cause. Yao visited the refugees in the city of Manila and the Maela Camp in Thailand. “I hope to continue to do the job until my death. I believe this job will not only enrich my own experience. It will also tell others what I have seen so that more people will pay attention to refugees and help them,” said Yao.

Yao was very pleased when she received the invitation from Madame Tussauds Shanghai, and was really looking forward to the production process of the wax figure. Madame Tussauds Shanghai said, the production team from the UK will make the most careful efforts to make the wax figure. It is believed that the wax figure of Yao Chen will certainly satisfy the desire of movie fans and visitors. In addition, Yao’s devotion to the social public welfare and her movies will be bound to have a far-reaching effect on more public-spirited people and movie fans.

It is reported that the production process will include three steps: body measurement, production, and unveiling ceremony. The production of the wax figure of Yao Chen will kick off soon. In the near future, visitors will be able to enjoy the charms of the famous actress Yao Chen at Madame Tussauds Shanghai, located on the 10th floor of New World Building, No. 2-68, West Nanjing Road, Shanghai.