Wax Figure of Yao Chen Debuts in Shanghai

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Wax Figure of Yao Chen Debuts in Shanghai

(January 13 – Shanghai) The 2012 New Year bell was just rung, Madame Tussauds Shanghai, located on the 10th floor of New World Building, No. 2-68, West Nanjing Road, Shanghai, embraced a heavyweight guest – “Miniblog Queen”Yao Chen, the most well-known and influential actress in China, who showed up at the activity site to unveil the wax figure of her own, adding more brilliance to Madame Tussauds Shanghai before the upcoming Chinese lunar New Year.

After Yao Chen’s body measurement in late spring last year, her wax figure finally unveiled through more than a half year’s careful preparation and production. The wax figure of Yao Chen in Shiatzy Chen’s pink short gossamer dress looks trendy, charming, and confident, with an infectious smile on her face, making the visitors feel a special affinity for the “Miniblog Queen”. Greatly impressed by the true-to-life wax figure herself, Yao Chen showered praise on the lively wax figure. The two “Yao Chen” on the stage soon became the focus of attention at the activity site.

As one of the most famous and influential TV and movie actresses both at home and abroad, Yao Chen enjoys great popularity among the people of all ages. Yao has won many heavyweight awards including the Best Actress award at the 25th China TV Gold Eagle Award and the Best Actress title at the Huading Award 2010 for her wonderful performance in the acting community including her role of the frank Guo Furong in the situation comedy of My Own Swordsman, honest Cui Ping in the spy drama of Lurk, female white-collar worker Du Lala in the drama of A Story of Lala's Promotion, an editor named Wang Xiaofei in the movie Ai Chu Se, and Mang Guo in the movie of You are the One II.

Her great success in her acting career combined with her fashionable appearances made Yao Chen one of the few distinguished guests at the front-row seats of Paris Fashion Week among Chinese actresses and won her the favor of many international well-known fashion brands and designers. Beyond her acting job, Yao Chen actively engages herself in the social public welfare cause within her ability. As the spokesperson of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) for China, Yao Chen went to visit the city refugees in Manila, capital of the Philippines, in 2010 and the Maela Refugee Camp on the border of Thailand and Burma in 2011. In addition, Yao Chen went to the disaster-stricken area of Yushu alone, made donations to those who really need help and appeal for more help for them at her miniblog, thus matching her words with deeds.

Of course, it is via miniblog that more people have come to know Yao Chen, who, with more than 15 million fans in the world of cyberspace, is the “Miniblog Queen” ranking first in China and third in the world. In 2011, besides playing a role in Kaige Chen’s new movie Search, Yao also acted as the observer, commentator, participant of social events and public service activities, and transmitter of attitude and strength along with her miniblog pals as a responsible citizen. The woman with a sincere heart and without any air of big stars has been using her own influence to carry on her miniblog public services, thus establishing a good paragon for the public and winning the understanding and respect from more and more people. Therefore, Yao Chen deserved to win the “Yi Hu Bai Ying” Miniblog Award in 2011.

“Before making the wax figure of celebrities, Madame Tussauds does not only consider his or her industry achievements, but also pay attention to the choice of the public to give visitors an opportunity to see their idols. Today is a red-letter day for Madame Tussauds Shanghai. We are lucky to have invited the “Miniblog Queen” Mrs. Yao Chen to the activity site. Yao Chen has been promoting the social welfare cause via miniblog by utilizing her personal influence, and her wax figure will deservedly become the beautiful scenery of Madame Tussauds Shanghai in the New Year,” said Mr. Yang Yong, General Manager of Madame Tussauds Shanghai.

From today on, the gorgeous wax figure of Yao Chen dressed in a pink short skirt that she wore at the Paris Fashion Week will establish its presence at Madame Tussauds Shanghai, giving the long-awaited fans an opportunity to see the “Miniblog Queen”.