Madame Tussauds unveils Wolverine

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Try out Wolverine’s deadly claws

Real name: James Howlett

Identity: Secret, known to certain government agencies

Height: 5’3’’

Without Adamantium skeleton: 195 lbs
With Adamantium skeleton: 300 lbs

Super Hero history: Mutant from birth, his mutation first manifested itself whilst attempting to defend his parents from attack as a child

Super Hero skills/strengths:

  • Ability to rapidly regenerate damaged cells
  • Healing powers make him virtually immune to poisons, drugs and diseases
  • Enhanced senses, endurance, agility and reflexes
  • Six retractable, super sharp one foot long claws (three in each arm) capable of cutting through most materials

Come face to face with Marvel's Wolverine and try out his deadly adamantium claws alongside the mutant hero.

dad and boy wolverine
wolverine boy and girl

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