Banjo Paterson's wax figure at Madame Tussauds Sydney

Banjo Patterson Small Figure Flash

Banjo Paterson

Meet Banjo Paterson

Banjo Paterson was a poet, writer and horseman, whose work focused on the outback and rural areas of Australia.

He was born Andrew Barton Paterson on 17th February 1864 near Orange, NSW, Australia.

As a boy Paterson spent a lot of time living on a farm. The coaches and horsemen he saw would influence his writing later in life.

Paterson’s famous poem, Waltzing Matilda, was set to music and became one of Australia’s most popular songs.

After qualifying as a solicitor in Sydney, Paterson began to publish poetry. In 1890 he wrote The Man from Snowy River, a poem that captured the nation’s heart. A collection under the same name became the most-sold collection of bush poetry. His image appears on the $10 note, along with the text from The Man from Snowy River.

'The Banjo’ was a pseudonym Paterson used to publish his poetry. It was the name of his favourite horse.

Banjo died on 5th February 1941 in Sydney, NSW, Australia. His figure is portrayed from the 1890s.

Banjo Paterson

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