Captain Cooks wax figure at Madame Tussauds Sydney

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Captain Cook

Captain James Cook was a British explorer and navigator whose incredible voyages saw him make the first European contact with the east coast of Australia.

He was born James Cook on 7th November 1728 in Marton, England.

Cook began his life at sea as a teenager in the Merchant Navy, before volunteering for service in the Royal Navy, just as they were re-arming for the Seven Years’ War between Europe, North America, Central America, Africa, India and the Philippines (1756-1763). He came to the notice of the Admiralty after making the first accurate maps of Newfoundland.

Between 1768 and 1779 Cook embarked on three great voyages of the Pacific, during which he sailed thousands of miles and explored New Zealand, the east coast of Australia and Hawaii.

Cook was killed by Hawaiian natives during his third visit. On previous visits Cook and his crew had been welcomed as gods but the natives soon realised they were mere mortals and felt exploited. Cook was killed after a dispute broke out over a stolen boat.

In 1934 Cooks’ Cottage, his parents old home in England, was bought by Australian philanthropist Russell Grimwade, shipped to Melbourne, and reassembled brick by brick.

Cook died on 14th February 1779 in Hawaii.

His figure is portrayed from the 1770s

Captain Cook Captain Cook

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