Unveiled For a Second Term

Unveiled for a second term!

Announcing a Restyled President and First lady!

Let's be honest; President Obama has a little more grey hair today than he did four years ago, and First Lady Michelle's exquisite style has gotten better as the years progress.

On the heels of winning a second term in office, and just in time for Inauguration, we've completed a major restyle to the President and First Lady, updating them to their more current look in 2013.

We're happy to announce that Michelle has an updated hairstyle and a brand new dress. Fashioned from the look she was wearing on the night of the 2012 election, Michelle is in a spiced wine colored piece accented by a black cardigan.

As for Barack, well...being President of the United States is a stressful job. Our studio artists retouched President Obama's figure to give him a few more wrinkles around the eyes, and individually inserted each grey hair to more accurately reflect the Commander in Chief's current look. The President's style has also been updated with a new suit to reflect election night 2012.

Both the President and First Lady are waiting for you to join them at our replica Oval Office. Put your arm around both of them and pose for your official presidential photo!

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