Stephen Colbert's Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds Washington, D.C.

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Stephen Colbert

Step on to the set with the host of The Colbert Report

Take a seat next to the host of Comedy Central's Emmy and Peabody Award-winning host of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert!

Best known for his alter-ago, a caricature of right-wing political pundits, his character first appeared during Colbert's career-launching eight years on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The Colbert Report first aired in 2005 and has received critical acclaim including a Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting and two Emmy Awards. The Colbert Report has on average over one million viewers per episode.

Colbert was an active participant in the creation of his wax figure, spending time with a team of Madame Tussauds studio artists, who joined him at his show’s New York City studio in June of this year to take more than 250 precise measurements and photographs — capturing him from every angle. Additionally, Colbert donated his own clothes to outfit the figure, including a suit, tie, shirt, cuff links, socks, shoes and lapel pin. He also provided information for his eye glasses to Madame Tussauds, which had them recreated to exact specification and magnification.

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More information

  • May 13, 1964: Born Stephen Tyrone Colbert in Washington, D.C.
  • 1997: Stephen Colbert joins the cast of The Daily Show
  • 2005: The Colbert Report debuts
  • 2006: Colbert wins his third Emmy for his work on The Daily Show
  • '2007: Colbert's book, ''I Am America (And So Can You!) is number one on the New York Times Best-Selelr list and he is named "Celebrity of the Year" by the Associated Press
  • 2008: Wins a Peabody Award and an Emmy Award for The Colbert Report
  • 2010: Colbert wins a second Emmy Award for his work on The Colbert Report and his first Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album

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