Dwight Eisenhower's wax figure at Madame Tussauds Washington D.C.

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Dwight Eisenhower

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Dwight David Eisenhower, nicknamed "Ike", was a General of the Army of the United States who served as the thirty-fourth President of the United States.

As President, he oversaw the cease-fire of the Korean War, worked to ease tensions of the Cold War, made nuclear weapons a higher defense priority, launched the Space Race, enlarged the Social Security program and began the Interstate Highway System. Eisenhower also oversaw the desegregation of schools and the Armed Forces.

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  • October 14, 1890: Dwight David Eisenhower was born
  • 1944: Leads Allied forces in invasion of France on D-Day
  • 1949: Became President of Columbia University
  • 1953: Inaugurated to first term as President of the United States
  • 1957: Inaugurated to second term as President of the United States

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