Babe Ruth wax figure at Madame Tussauds Washington D.C.

Babe Ruth PNG

Babe Ruth

Bat along side the "Great Bambino"

“Babe” Ruth became an American icon as the New York Yankee’s home run hitting baseball player. “The Sultan of Swat” or “Great Bambino,” as he was known, is one of the greatest Major league baseball players of all time. Although he spent most of his career as an outfielder with the New York Yankees, Ruth began his career as a successful starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. To this day, he holds the record for pitching the longest complete game in World Series history at 14 innings.

  • February 6, 1895: George Herman, later known as Babe Ruth, was born
  • 1914: Major league baseball career debut with Boston Red Sox
  • 1923: Named American League Most Valuable Player
  • 1927: Set home run record by hitting 60 home runs
  • 1936: Elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame

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