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Let's Glow - the iconic 90s are back!


Let’s Glow – The neon party - we are celebrating the 90s!

40,000 neon balls, a glowing dance floor, a pop-up bar and stars from the 90s bring the iconic decade back to life for three months.

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want... and that is a NEON ball pit! No other decade was as colourful, playful and diverse as the 90s. “Rhythm was a dancer”, Britney was still wearing a school uniform and the Backstreet Boys played basketball in the backyard. Everything was loud, colourful and wild.

Now Madame Tussauds Berlin is bringing the iconic decade back. From 28 March until the end of June 2018, part of the attraction will be transformed into an unprecedented pop-up black light / neon area that’s designed with an illuminated floor, tape art and graphic LED walls.

The highlight of the capital’s brightest party will be the Neon ball pit with over 40,000 balls . There are also "No Limits" in the video game area, where you can play video games from the 90s and mimic true 90s dance moves. In the Berlin of the 90s, of course, the Love Parade is also a must. A Berlin Love Parade wagon is at the ready and visitors can celebrate to “Hyper Hyper” in bell-bottoms, platform shoes and crop tops while making their way along the famous Straße des 17. Juni (“17th of June Street”) with hundreds of thousands of other techno fans.

And there won’t just be “Tubthumping ” at the pop-up bar. The neon party is topped off with life-sized wax replicas of stars from the 90s.

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