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Madame Tussauds Berlin is open again.

We kindly ask you to book your ticket online before your visit. You have to pick a timeframe for the entry when booking so queues can be avoided.

Please also note the further information on our website.

Elyas M'Barek

Elyas M'Barek

Have you ever dreamed of sitting next to Elyas M'Barek? Madame Tussauds Berlin gives you the chance to take a seat right next to his wax figure.

Did you know that the German actor has been the class winner at school?

  • Talented, Sexy and Successful: The wax figure of the German actor Eylas M'Barek is now exhibited at Madame Tussauds Berlin and invites you to dream, cuddle and fall in love. Elyas M'Barek was born on May 29, in 1982 and grew up as the son of a Tunisian father and an Austrian mother in Munich. M'Barek graduated from high school as class winner in 2002. Already during school he had first engagements as an actor. In 2001, for example, the charming lady slayer performed a supporting role in the German movie ‘Mädchen, Mädchen’ (in English: ‘Girls, Girls’). Several supporting roles in series and movies like ‘Forsthaus Falkenau’, ‘Tatort’ (a crime movie series) and ‘Alarm für Cobra 11’ (an action movie series). However, as larger roles did not occur, M'Barek began studying business economics. Due to his leading role as Cem in the series ‘Türkisch für Anfänger’ (in English: ‘Turkish for Beginners’) he broke off his studies after the fifth semester to concentrate completely on his acting career.
  • For his role in ‘Türkisch für Anfänger’ as a youthful macho, who grows up in a German-Turkish patchwork family, Elyas M'Barek was finally awarded the German TV Prize as the best actor in a leading role in 2006. The series itself was awarded the German TV Prize in the category ‘Best Series’ and appeared seven years later as a movie in German cinemas. After further productions, the film ‘Fack ju Göhte’ followed in 2013, in which Elyas M'Barek plays the leading role as a criminal high school teacher. Fack ju Göhte was the most visited German cinema production in 2013 and had attracted more than 7 million visitors to the cinemas. In September 2015 the no less successful second part of the comedy appeared in the cinemas. By the end of 2017 the filming of the third part will be finished. In addition, the charismatic actor has already attracted international attention. In 2012 he played a smaller role alongside international stars such as Lilly Collins in the fantasy film ‘City of Bones’. One year later, Elyas M'Barek played a major supporting role alongside Tom Payne and Ben Kingsley in the literary adaptation ‘The Physician’.
  • M'Barek has a strong social commitment and supports the organization One Warm Winter, which is dedicated to the homeless and distributes warm clothing. He has already been awarded a Bambi, a Jupiter Award, a Romy and the Medal for Special Services for Bavaria in a United Europe. In addition, he was voted "Men of the Year" by the magazine GQ in the category Film National, in 2015. You always wanted to get closer to the good-looking German actor? Then use your unique chance, come closer to Elyas M'Barek than ever before and cuddle with his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Berlin.

Elyas M'Barek


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Elyas M'Barek