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Joachim Gauck

Joachim Gauck

Meet the wax figure of Joachim Gauck, Germany’s 11th Federal President face-to-face in front of Bellevue Palace at Madame Tussauds Berlin.

Did you know?

  • Joachim Gauck was born in January 1940 as the son of Wilhelm Joachim and Olga Gauck in Rostock. He is the eleventh Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany. After graduating from high school in 1958, he began his theological studies. Later on, thanks to his contact to community members, his confidence in the pastor's office grew. During the last decade of the GDR, Gauck was responsible for the preparation and implementation of the two Protestant church congresses in Rostock. There he became a leading member of the ‘Neues Forum’ (In English: New Forum) in the course of the peaceful revolution. During his time as a deputy of the first freely elected People’s Parliament of the GDR, he was elected chairman of the special committee to control the dissolution of the former MfS (Ministry of State Security) in 1990. Due to the occurrences of the late 1980s and the fall of the Berlin Wall, his interest in politics got ever greater, until he finally became a member of the German Bundestag for the party called ‘Bündnis 90’ in 1990. However, he subsequently resigned this position with the later election to the federal commissioner of the Stasi documents.
  • In the German Bundestag he was primarily concerned with the reprocessing of state security in the GDR. Due to his engagement regarding to the preservation and safeguarding of the Stasi documents before destruction Joachim Gauck was voted Special Commissioner for the personal documents of the former state security service of the GDR in September 1990. This is how the concept of the "Gauck authority" developed. After two terms and ten years at this post, Gauck increasingly turned to active politics. He was one of the first signatories of the Prague Declaration and the Declaration on the Crimes of Communism and committed with sociopolitical lectures and media activities.
  • After nine years as chairman of the association ‘Gegen Vergessen - Für Demokratie’ (in English: Against oblivion – for democracy) the independent Joachim Gauck was voted 11th Federal President of Germany on March 18th 2012 by a large majority. After deciding that he will not candidate for this post a second time his tenure ended in March 2017. Gauck has two children from his first marriage. Since 2000 he has been liaised with his life companion Daniela Schadt. Meet the first wax figure of the German Federal President in front of an impressive photo-set at Madame Tussauds Berlin. Because our wax figure of Joachim Gauck stands in front of an oversized image of his office seat, the Bellevue Castle. Secure your Madame Tussauds Berlin tickets now and shoot exciting memorable photos with our wax figures in the policy area.

Joachim Gauck

"Resistance is not – Resistance becomes."

Joachim Gauck