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Dan Lewis

A proud Liverpudlian through and through, Dan Lewis met the Doctor at a time of great peril – just as the Flux began to destroy our universe!

  • Madame Tussauds, Doctor Who
DW13 BADGE 4 (1)

John Bishop | 2021 - present

A plasterer by trade and volunteer at his local food bank, Dan didn’t have much to his name but still did all he could to make others happy. He even led tours at the Museum of Liverpool despite not being employed there, simply out of love for his city. Unlucky in love, he was excited to go on a date with his good friend Diane – but this plan was scuppered when the Lupari Karvanista broke down Dan’s front door and whisked him away into space.

Dan’s kindness and quick sense of humour made him an excellent friend to the Doctor. He was full of wonder for the amazing sights of the universe, but at the same time remained down to Earth. Dan may have played a key part in saving the universe and defeating the Ravagers, but his heart still lies in Liverpool, hoping for a second chance with Diane.

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