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Sonic Screwdriver

The sonic screwdriver is a nifty piece of alien tech which the Doctor uses on many of their adventures.

  • Madame Tussauds, Doctor Who
DW13 BADGE Sonic (1)

Sonic Screwdriver

A piece of advanced Gallifreyan technology, the sonic can performs a seemingly endless range of functions. Amongst other things, it can measure and monitor the Doctor’s surroundings, run calculations, seek out objects or people of interest, fix things, break things, unlock things and much more. Currently, its main restriction is that it won’t work on wood. Like the Doctor, the sonic has had many different appearances over the years – the Twelfth Doctor even fashioned his into a pair of sonic sunglasses! Other sonic devices have been seen on screen too, like Sarah Jane’s sonic lipstick and River Song’s sonic trowel, to name just a couple.

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