Special Arrangement

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong reopens from 8 May 2020. To ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff, we closely monitor the development of COVID-19 and strengthening cleaning works. Attraction staff are also required to strictly execute relevant hygiene measures and wear surgical masks during work to ensure a safe and hygienic entertainment environment.  Also, all guests must pass a body temperature check before entry, If the temperature is above 37.5 °C, entry will be declined and you are advised to seek medical attention. Thank you for cooperation.


Operation hours as below:

The Attraction: 11am – 8pm (last admission: 7:30pm)

Balala the Fairies

Balala the Fairies

“Balala power, kadolashadola, fairy fairy change!”

  • Developed by Alpha Group Co., Ltd., has been on the air since 2008.
  • "Magic Fairy" is a magical world, dominated by the Queen of Magic. Only the magic fairy can learn magic, and know how to use the magic to help others.
  • Shirley loves strawberry chocolate. She is sometimes careless, but she is an enthusiastic, kind-hearted magic fairy with a deep sense of justice. She is the role model for other little magic fairies!