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KS2 & KS3 Media & Fake News

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Key activities

This workshop empowers young people with the essential skills they need in their day-to-day lives. Not only does it invite them to stretch their English subject-knowledge by delving into the complex world of the media and developing their critical literacy skills, it also asks them to explore the concept of ‘Fake news’ and its impact on modern audiences.

  • Structured discussion around modern celebrity culture and the media, and how the two are linked.
  • Working in groups to categorise news stories according to different criteria, including: how the news was shared; who wrote it; text and images; and the emotive impact on the reader.
  • A group-based definition of ‘fake news’ and other key terminology.
  • A game in which pupils try to identify their classmates’ real stories from their fake ones.

National Curriculum Links:

KS2/3 English

  • To identify the different types of media and their purposes.
  • To explore and critique how the media present information and use language to create meaning.
  • To understand the concept of ‘fake news’ and why it is important.

KS2/3 PSHE & Citizenship

  • To understand how the media portrays people and to recognise its possible impact.
  • To explore how identity is affected by the media.